So, last night's game between the Bills and the Chiefs didn't go the way the Bills fans had hoped it would. It's disappointing, but man it was a hell of a season that gives fans a glimpse into the future that looks pretty bright.

Another future that looks bright is that of Buffalo Bills fan Victor Neilson. Victor has been battling an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He has endured 5 months of intense chemotherapy and hospitalization to rid his body of cancer.

I know what a long, and painful battle it can be and when it's over it's a huge sense of relief to know that the therapy that makes you so sick is over. I have been with a few friends and family members that have gone through chemo and it's just horrible.

Usually, when you finish chemotherapy it's tradition to ring a bell, while the nurses and doctors that were with you during your treatments cheer you on.

Well, for this Buffalo Bills fan, just ringing a bell wasn't going to be enough. Instead, he was going to end his cancer treatment Bills crashing through a tailgate table.

So friends, family, doctors, and nurses gathered outside the hospital after Victor's last treatment. There were a ladder and a folding table with the word "cancer" painted on it. Victor, dressed in his finest Bills gear put a Bills helmet on, climbed up the ladder, and launched himself into the air crashing through cancer and the table.

To be honest when he jumped I held my breath because I was worried he would break something and they would have to wheel him back into the hospital to set a broken arm or something. However, that didn't happen. Instead, Victor crashed through the table, jumped up, and held the two broken halves of the table over his head.

Congratulations Victor on ending your treatment and we wish you a long cancer-free future with lots of Bills wins.

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