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Go Bills! Buffalo Tickets Going up but Plan to Fill The Stands
Bills mafia most likely won't be that upset about the Buffalo Bills raising ticket prices for the 2021 season. With the amazing run the team made coming up just one game short of going to the Super Bowl, not only will they raise prices but they plan on having a packed house at Bills Stadium.
John Cusak Joins The Bills Mafia
The Buffalo Bills are the toast of the town after winning their first playoff game since 1995. We all know that guys like ESPN's Chris Berman loves the Bills and Christopher McDonald AKA "Shooter McGavin" is a pretty well-known member of the Bills Mafia but the Twitter world got rejoi…
As the Buffalo Bills Head to Playoffs 6 States Join The Mafia...T
Buffalo Bills fans have been through things that no other fan base has. Losing four straight Super Bowls and sharing a division with the Patriots dynasty will take a toll on you. People seem to erase from their minds how impossible making four straight Super Bowls is and just how good the Bills real…

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