I know that people don't have a whole lot of faith in this movie, but I am willing to give it chance since comic book movies as of late seem to be very well written.


This weekend the net big comic book movie hits theaters, but critics are not being kind to this one.  Previously, Thor and X-Men: First Class have gotten praise from the critics, but this one is getting hit pretty hard.  I'm not going to listen to them though.

I have always been a big fan of Green Lantern, and I think this movie has some potential.  Warner Bros certainly hopes everyone feels that way since it cost them over $300 million to make.  A movie on the level of The Dark Knight didn't even cost that much.  Right now, it only has a 24% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which means people aren't liking it very much.  It doesn't feel to good when a read reviews that use the word "moronic", "goofy", and "joyless".  I'm going to put all that aside though because critics are too picky sometimes.  If this movie entertains me and stays true to the Green Lantern  story line then I will be pleased.  Plus you know that plenty of chicks will go to see Ryan Reynolds without a shirt on.

I'm telling you, don;t listen to critics because I'm sure Green Lantern will be a fun movie.   Oscar worthy?  Maybe not.  But if that's what your looking for in a comic book movie, then your missing the point.