An 80's remake, a super soldier little girl and a clumsy knight on an adventure to save the world.  All these movies are scheduled to open this weekend, which one should you go see?


This weekend has the potential to be pretty big for the movie industry.  Several big movies are set to premiere.  Russell Brand stars in the remake of Arthur while Danny McBride is once again paired with James Franco for another stoner comedy,  Your Highness.   Another movie that could upset both of these is the action/sci-fi/thriller Hanna staring Eric Banna and Cate Blanchett.  They all have promise of knocking last weeks top movies down the list and depending on your mood, you have a great choice in entertainment.

The movie I am most looking forward to, and have been for weeks is Arthur.  Russell Brand looks hilarious in everything I have seen him in while promoting this film and I know it has potential since Helen Miran has attached her name to the project.  She doesn't seem like the type of actress that would just settle for a role.  If you aren't familiar with Arthur, the movie is about a NY playboy who has always had money but could have it all taken away.  Jennifer Garner also stars in this film as the woman Brand has to marry in order to keep his fortune.  It looks very funny, and I have learned that Russell Brand is fantastic when on the big screen.

My number 2 pick this weekend would be the comedy Your Highness staring Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman.  This is actually the top pick among Q103 listeners on our facebook poll.  If Arthur wasn't set to premiere this weekend I would be going to see this one for sure.  It looks hilarious, and if your looking for something more than just a funny stoner movie then maybe you should steer clear of this one.  I love the teaming of McBride and Franco again and Portman adds some nice sex appeal to it.

A few other movies set to come out this weekend seem pretty low on everyone's radar.  The action/thriller Hanna comes out.  It looks cool enough, but up against these other movies I don't know how it will hold up.  The other 2 premiering all in wide markets are Born to be Wild, a documentary about living with Orangutans and Soul Surfer , a movie about surviving a shark attack.  Hanna may actually surprise me here.  It brings star power with Eric Banna and Cate Blanchett and the story line seems cool enough about a teenage girl trained to be an assassin.

If none of these seem like your cup of tea you could always go see last weeks big pictures.  Hop , the animated family film was number 1 at the box office last weekend followed by Source Code.  I highly recommend Source Code, so if you're not feeling the new release you should definitely check that one out.