Finally I can replace all more boring regular coffee mugs with attractive exact replicas of my head. Bmore3D Store is a company in Baltimore where customers can make essentially anything they want. The idea of 3D printing is relatively new but so far the possibilities of it have been virtually endless.

“ ‘People can walk in, sit down, and hit the big red button and it takes a 3D scan of their face," says Todd Blatt, a 3D artist who helped organize the store. "From there, any products that you want your face on can be created. By default we have six of them, including stuff like a little mini-figurine with your head on it and a Christmas tree ornament."

Something like a custom ornament will cost about $30, with jewelry and other objects getting more expensive, depending on the materials and amount of work involved.”  –wamu

$30 is a tremendously resalable rate. I will not rest until I refurnish my entire apartment with products made of me. I’ll eat cereal out of my head, sit on my lap toilet and fall asleep in my oversized mouth. I want a trip to Bmore3D Store and I want it yesterday!

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