I have no regrets about this episode of The Generation X Files. Tatiana and I sat down and talk all about the wonderful world of body modification.

I have no regrets about this episode, because in this episode we talk about tattoos, piercings and plastic surgery. I have no regrets because I don’t have any tattoos or piercings and I have never had plastic surgery. I have had dental work and I suppose that is the closest I have ever come to modifying my body except for the few times I shaved off all of my body hair.

I find it ironic that I don’t want a a tattoo, piercing or any type of cosmetic surgery because I don’t want to regret it, but sometimes I feel that when I am in my 100’s that I may regret never getting a tattoo, piercing or surgery.

You will hear me say that I am not against anything having to do with body modification but I do have some complaints and you can hear all about it on The Generation X Files available on!

On a side note, when my wife was listening to this episode she called me ‘trashy’ for expressing my love of boobs on the The Generation X Files. It’s true I love boobs and I have no regrets.

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