One day I was messing around online looking at stuff on Reddit and Etsy and I found these really cool prints of intersections of Albany. When you think about it every city has some weird, funky, and sometimes confusing intersections. I was once told by a co-worker that the intersections and roads in and around Albany go every-which-way because the city is so old and changed so much over time that the road layout kinda got to be a mess.

Well, that mess has created headaches for New Yorkers for decades. Which way do I go? Can I turn here? Is it my turn, or someone else's? COME ON GO ALREADY! People have a hard enough time with a roundabout, I'm surprised these don't cause total gridlock.

Well, artist, Peter Gorman saw beauty in these intersections that give us headaches and man up some really cool art with them. He traveled the U.S. and took inspiration from different cities all over...not just Albany. He has several prints from NYC too.

You can find the "Intersections of Albany" print and others at his ETSY page.

Intersections of Albany - BarelyMaps
Intersections of Albany - BarelyMaps

So, while we're looking at these nightmare intersections around Albany. Which one do you think is the worst? Or, do you know of one that isn't on this print?

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