Oh no! Now how will we get our Bang Bang Shrimp fix?!?!?

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but today I  learned that the Bonefish Grill located at 59 Wolf Road in Albany has shut it's doors for good.

I called in to the location to order takeout for lunch today and the person that answered the phone regrettably informed me that the restaurant had closed it's doors permanently. When I tried to press for questions as to why the restaurant had closed he said that he really did not have any further details for himself let alone to pass on to customers.When I asked if there were going to be any other locations opening in the Capital Region he said he did not believe so.

I'm super bummed bu this news because not only do I now have to find somewhere else for lunch but because now where will we get our Bang Bang Shrimp fix?!?! Man I was really looking forward to lunch from there today. **Insert sad face here**