Friday night at Savannah's in Albany, The Hornitz from Boston, MA came into town and put on quite the show.   If you were there, it was a one of a kind night.


Some of New England's finest brought their unique style to Albany of Friday night.  Our friends in the Ill Funk Ensemble were putting together their Friday night lineup, and The Hornitz immediately caught their attention.  So they decided to bring them in.  Never have you seen just two men put on a show like this.

Using keyboards, various horns and a human beatbox, The Hornitz made everyone stand up and notice them.  I will be honest.  When I saw two guys step up to the stage, I looked at the people with me and said "this will be interesting'.  Interesting it was.  Such a big sound coming from just two guys, it was impressive.

The Hornitz have quite a resume too, having worked with the likes of George Clinton, Guster and State Radio.  Their debut album, Panorganica, is out now.  You can check them out on facebook, and their YouTube page for videos.  Lets hope they decide to grace Albany with their presence again soon.

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