I don’t know what girls find sexier, guys waiting in line for hours to buy a video game or dudes who fight each other while waiting in line for a video game?

This is the most epic battle of nerds I have ever seen. When I lived in Rochester, I would sometimes park on the weekends and watch the LARPers whack the hell out of each other with their foam bats in the park but that is nothing like this. Someone was swinging a folding chair! I am a professional wrestler and even I didn’t think people actually did that!

I can’t say I’m surprised either. This is a line full of video gamers who more likely than not just got done playing 16 hours of the new WWE 13 game and now are waiting in line for the new Call of Duty game. If a fight breaks out why not resort to the actions you just learned from the last game you were playing. I’m just sad these dudes weren’t playing Sonic before this. I would have loved to see a guy try to roll up into a ball and throw himself at the angry mob.