During those torrential downpours yesterday I found myself driving in Schenectady through urban flooding. It was insane! Broadway went from a major street to a river in no time. The water was literally washing man hole covers and road debris down the street like it was a natural occurrence. It was a bit nerve racking and kind of dirty, to be honest.

With crispy thoughts of filthy water rushing down the street I stumbled upon this gem. Some kids in Brazil using urban runoff as their own personal water slide. After what I saw yesterday coupled with this video, I'm promptly heading for the shower.

Listen, getting more bang for your buck is awesome. It's a damn god-send when you don't have to spend cash on your little beggars? This though? This drives homes the fact that spending a few extra bucks for chlorinated pools of water with Six Flags Great Escape painted everywhere is far better than little Davey and Stevie being rushed to the emergency room because they caught some dirty Brazilian run-off disease.

Oh, this also drives home the point that Brazil should only be known for thongs and booty. Man, Brazilian chicks have killer booties.