Over $100 Million Going to Fix New York Roads
A big chunk of change is going to be spent on New York roads.
$128 million to be more specific. Governor Cuomo announced the funding to help resurface New York roads, according to cbs 6 albany.  To me, this is definitely something that’s needed...
Bed Bugs, Stink Bugs, Which Bugs Survived the Polar Vortex
That whole Polar Vortex thing wasn't too much fun to deal with.  Even though it's not surprising to have cold temperatures during the winter in New York.  However, it looks like some bugs survived, and some may have not made the cut.
Oddly enough, I read a list on PestWorld&n…
Capital Region Getting Rid of Crows This Week
Of all the problems in the Capital Region, this week the focus is on crows.
Really. The birds.  I had no clue they were an issue, but apparently so.  So much of an issue apparently that resources are being spent to try and get rid of roosts of crows...

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