Just when you thought you we’re safe driving around town in your mini van, we experience a new kind of threat. Gangs in Chicago have found a new way to communicate with each other, and they are doing it via soccer moms and proud parents of honor students.

I for one am extremely proud of the quick police work done by Chicago’s finest when they caught the blatant gang symbols in a bumper sticker created by a local 15 year old special needs student. A contest was held to create a sticker honoring Chicago’s heroes and first responders and when this 15 year kid won the police took a second look. and thank god they did. You may think you are honoring your local heroes with this bumper sticker on your car, but really you may be telling gang members to sling a bag to the other corner or whack someone off. And ill be dammed if anyone gets whacked off on account of my mini van! I don’t by this kids tears one bit, he is only crying because Chicago police cracked his master mind operation of poorly drawing hands flashing what slightly resembles a gang sign.