Whether they’re getting in fights or stopping fights, bus drivers appear on this show frequently for their shenanigans.  This time a bus driver is featured for kind of losing his mind over a bus fare!

Yesterday in Philadelphia, a news reporter was tasked with going out and getting some comments from Walmart employees on the recent snow storm just as their bus showed up. The reporter was getting on the bus with the hopes of getting just a few words from the bus driver, when the bus driver started yelling at the passengers to pay the fare that they were trying to avoid. The driver said that he didn't care if it was snowing and that he would leave then there if they didn't pay.

The reporter then told the driver that the anchor back in the studio would pay all of their fares AND buy everyone coffee! And the anchor is the same guy that we featured last week who lost his mind live on the air and said that Donald Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway was “Good at bulls---.”  All in all, the driver seems to be a little too protective over his empty bus.

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