We have another big snowstorm bearing down on New York and all I can think about is the hours of snow blowing and shoveling ahead of me. Sure I could pay someone to plow or shovel my drive, but as much as I hate clearing the snow, I'd hate paying someone else to do it even more.

Enter the solution to your snow shoveling woes. Find a house with a heated driveway. Pretty simple solution. When the flakes start falling, flip a switch and your driveway warms up melting the snow and you didn't even have to lift a finger. Well, not exactly....you did have to flip that switch.

Apparently, a heated driveway is a pretty rare house option because I could only find one house in New York for sale with a heated driveway and it's a really impressive house. With a price tag of almost $3 million, it should have a heated driveway...heck the entire lawn should be heated too.

New York House With A Heated Driveway

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