Last week I was so wrong on most of my picks, but most important, the Lions lost, so this week I am going to do the smartest thing a football fan has ever done.


I am not going to make any picks, and my reason for not picking the winner in any of the games this week is a very superstitious one. If the Lions win, then I will not try to pick a winner for the rest of the season.

Why is this smart?

I am not sure.

If it works then I must be some kind of a genius, ether that or the divine energy of the NFL revolves around me, and in that case, I must be responsible for the Patriots winning.

Don't get angry with me....

Stop it....

Seriously, because if the Patriots lose and the Lions win, then I will finally understand my supernatural power, to will the Lions to win and the Patriots to lose without trying.

And now the Pope in America.

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