The Albany Patroons are on the brink of a championship in The Basketball League.  They will take on the Shreveport Mavericks in the best of three championship series which begins on Saturday night in Shreveport.  Game 2 and if necessary 3 would be both played at the Washington Avenue Armory next Wednesday and Thursday.  The Patroons are a perfect 18-0 at home and the term home court advantage couldn't be represented better than with them.  The crowds have been awesome this season and I expect the biggest crowds yet next week.  Here is my quick take on this from the Times Union:

If the Albany Patroons were smart and they are, then have a plan in place to make sure Will Brown returns as their head coach next season. Brown is a longtime successful college coach taking a stab at the professional ranks for the first time, but he’s proven this season he’s good at coaching the older players too. I'm not sure what coach Brown is thinking, but the Patroons need to pull out all the stops to make sure he’s back at the Washington Avenue Armory next season.

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eBay / vaderspetjawa
eBay / vaderspetjawa

MJ and I had Coach Will Brown on with us yesterday morning right here on Big Board Sports.  Below is our full interview with him.

It really is the million dollar question, where will Coach Will Brown be coaching next season?  He was so successful as a college coach for over 20 years and now has done a great job in his first year with the Patroons.  The community including myself has rallied around this Patroons team who are one series away from the TBL championship.  We all wish them the best of luck as they are on their way to Shreveport before returning back home to the Washington Avenue Armory.

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