I just saw a news report that says the first coronavirus vaccines will arrive on December 21st in Albany. Those will be distributed from Walgreens to Albany County's Shaker Place nursing home according to the Times Union.

That's great news for the majority of people that are planning on getting the vaccine that takes two doses about three weeks apart. What about the people that refuse to get the vaccine? Can you do that? Can you get fired if your employer says you have to get it?

Well, ask Lisa Amoros who worked at a Glens Falls hospital. Her employer requires all employees to get a flu shot every year. Lisa told WNYT that she has had a bad reaction to the flu shot in the past so she won't be getting one. So her employer fired her.

So, I was wondering is it legal to fire an employee if they don't get vaccinated for the coronavirus? The short answer is, "yes". According to Fox59, “If they instituted a uniformly enforced rule: if you want to work here, you’re vaccinated, and you refuse, there’s going to be a reaction,” said John Haskin, founding partner of the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC in Indianapolis. “Whether or not that reaction is sustainable in court is something we have to see.”

I discussed this with my brother, who is a lawyer, and there are a lot of things that could require proof of vaccination. Like concerts, schools, employers, amusement parks...etc. I don't think we will get to a point where there is mandatory vaccinations, but I do think we will get to a point where more and more being vaccinated will be a condition of employment or admittence.

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