The Q Sent Canajoharie's Kelley Munson to New York City to meet Gene Simmons of KISS so he could personally hand her 'The Vault' ...

If you are not a member of the Q103 WORKFORCE as of yet it might be something you want to sign up for especially if you want to get in on exclusive opportunities to WIN BIG like Canajoharie's Kelley Munson who won the Q103 Gene Simmons 'The Vault' Experience.

We sent her to New York City over the weekend where she got to sit on 'The Vault' question and answer session where Gene Simmons told the stories behind the music in 'The Vault' and then she got to spend some one on one time with Gene where he handed over her very own edition of 'The Vault'!

Personally I would have really loved to not only have been a fly on the wall at the Q&A session but mostly too see Kelley wheel that thing around NYC and on the subways. Apparently everyone kept asking her which bank she robbed! I told her that my initial reaction would be to make up some crazy story about 'The Vault' however the truth was a pretty epic story in itself.

Check out some pictures of Kelley's Q103 Gene Simmons 'The Vault' Experience above and get yourself signed up to be a part of the Q103 WORKFORCE here so you can make sure you have every opportunity to be our next big winner!





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