It's always great to see the youngest generation brought up with great music, becoming little rockers themselves. For one young girl, her first concert experience also became her first concert performance, joining Candlebox's Kevin Martin and Brian Quinn onstage Thursday night (March 23) in Derry, N.H. at a sold out show!

Baker's mom had explained to the Candlebox duo that this was her daughter's first show and that she knew how to play guitar. Sweeting the night, they brought her onstage to play the smash hit "Far Behind" for the encore. “She said that we inspired her to pick up the guitar and learn ‘Far Behind’ so we asked her if she wanted to play it with us," Martin commented. The singer guided Baker through the song, calling on Quinn to shout out the chord changes to keep everything running along smoothly. The singer even joked, "She plays better than me!"

It was a lighthearted way to end the night, which had featured the two delivering stripped down Candlebox tunes all night. Martin and Quinn are currently on a U.S. run, performing in a story teller setting each night and all remaining dates can be found at the Candlebox website.

Quinn and Mike Leslie both joined Candlebox in 2015. When we spoke to Martin about the newest additions to the band, he heaped praise unto both guitar players. "Mike is a really incredible blues player and he’s got a crazy library of songs that he can play. I think that he was able to draw from that in the studio to give us kind of movements and chord progressions that set up choruses and stuff. And Brian is just as talented with riffs so, I think that is why we were able to get [the new] songs to kind of feel urgent and excitable rather than the basic mundane G C B chord progressions. So I think they really sparked that energy that I was so happy to have in the studio," said the singer.

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