Candlebox reappeared on the scene earlier this year with the new album Disappearing in Airports and the band is digging deeper into their current album with the incredibly infectious new single "Supernova." The band has teamed with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the premiere of the lyric video for "Supernova."

"Y'all ready to knock the boots," asks Candlebox vocalist Kevin Martin. "This is some funk from us to you. Ladies, get your swerve on and fellas keep your boots on!!" As you can see in the clip, the lyrics scroll out in silver against a purple backdrop as classic footage of young women dancing and writhing about pop up from time to time.

Earlier this year, we interviewed Kevin Martin about the Disappearing in Airports album, and he said of "Supernova," "I love that song. It’s a song about sex. It’s a song about that moment when you’re so rattled by that partner that you just can’t get enough and it literally knocks you into outer space and some cases, that’s how you fall in love. You get absolutely blown away by that experience. That’s where the concept of the song came about, and I wanted it to be feel kind of in that sense of 'Emotional Rescue' by the Rolling Stones meets KISS’ 'I Was Made for Loving You.' I wanted it to be a combination of those two. The sexuality of The Stones versus that great lock down groove that the song by KISS had. That’s how it came about, really."

And while Candlebox are a rock band, "Supernova" gives Martin a chance to offer a more soulful delivery. The singer credits artists ranging from Otis Redding and Sly and the Family Stone to more modern influences like D'Angelo and Lenny Kravitz among his more soulful influences.

If you'd like to pick up the Disappearing in Airports album, it's currently available via Amazon and iTunes. And stay tuned for the band's fall 2016 tour dates, with an announcement coming soon.

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