Texting and driving is on the rise. Police are handing out more and more tickets for it every year. This county is the one where you are most likely to get one

I will state this, texting and driving is just flat out stupid. I know even if you do it, you probably agree with that statement. No matter what county you are in, you just should not unlock your phone and send a text while behind the steering wheel. This coming from someone who has violated this law before and from someone who has received a ticket for doing so. My mistake was made in Saratoga County.

Saratoga County is not atop the list though. That goes to Albany County. By a lot too. Albany County hands out about 1,200 texting tickets a year while a county like Schenectady County is writing up just over 400.

I don't even look at my phone on the road anymore. The fine and potential life lost is not worth it.