We all, especially in the weather as of late, leave our cars outside running to warm up. This is the exact reason why that is illegal.

Every last one of us is guilty of this traffic violation. Its 20 degrees out, you go out 10 minutes early to start your car and let it warm up. That does violate some traffic ordinances. Without looking into other states laws I can imagine it is also illegal in other places too. While some people may sit there and question why this is a law, the Capital Region's finest prove why it is.

A 16 year old in Albany decided to steal a car that was left unattended running. That isn't all though. He also led police on a car chase that resulted in the young boy to crash the car into a home. Case and point. I get it. Snow or ice and even cold, we hate all those conditions and leaving your car unattended may seem cool being the attractive alternative. This Albany teen proved the worst case scenario. He didn't care whether you would be cold upon entry to your car.

"The Albany Police Department would like to remind the members of our community that not only is it a violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law to leave your vehicle running unattended, it also places you at risk of having your vehicle or items inside of your vehicle stolen." TIMES UNION