The temperatures are finally starting to warm up and I for one am very excited.  There are several spots in the Capital Region that I am totally amped up for now that Spring is here. It seems like Winter was never going to end this year.  Spring snow storms looming and temperatures a little below the norm, but finally we are seeing some Spring time weather and I am gearing up to hit some of my favorite spots in the Capital Region.

We all have them.  Those places that are only open for part of the year where you can enjoy the weather while hanging out with friends and family.  Ice cream places are one of the bigger draws which leads me into one of my favorite spots opening up this Spring, Kurver Kreme.

This place has been around the Colonie area for over 50 years and I don't think a single customer has left disappointed.   This is the exact kind of place I like to hit up on a hot summer night.  Grab a soft serve cone, preferably a twist, and just hangout.  The other thing I like about Kurver is that you can not only just grab all kinds of ice cream and shakes, but you can also get some great food.  If you are looking for a healthy meal, then just go away.  I'm talking burgers, fries and footlong hot dogs.  It's not summer to me unless I have myself one of those puppies.

Along with Spring comes one of my favorite activities, golf.  A place I am excited to start hitting up is Capital Hills golf course in Albany.

What an awesome place.   The course is challenging and I have yet to leave happy, yet I still continue to go.  Before I actually start going out to play terrible I like to boost by ego by hitting the driving range.  That way I can hit the long ball and practice my distance without having to ruin things by putting.  You can also practice your putting too, but that's not as much fun as nailing a golf ball over 200 yards.  My girlfriend and I both love to golf and after we hit up the driving range we like to head over to the restaurant that is right on the course, Martels.  It's so perfect.  You can go right over from work hit some golf balls, and then go enjoy a meal in the same spot.  Personally I like their french dip, but they have all kinds of things on the menu so everyone can find whatever they are looking for.  So if you want to play some holes, practice your drive or grab a beer and something to eat, Cap Hills is a great place.

I don't know about you but I love baseball.  I live for it in the summer time.  As much as I would love to be down at Yankee Stadium every single weekend, it's really not cost effective.  We here in the Capital Region are fortunate enough to have a local minor league baseball team in the Tri-City Valley Cats.  They call their home Joe Bruno Stadium.  This is a great place to hangout in the spring/summer time.   I mean the place is absolutely beautiful.  Every seat in the place gives you a great view and tickets are only $6!  At that price I am there often.  The ball park food is also priced very well so it makes a perfect night out.  The Valley Cats don't kick off their season until June, so still a little bit of a wait but well worth it in my opinion.

The Drive-In movies are also a big thing to hit up once the weather turns warm.  I live in Glenmont so I have one of these theaters right around the corner from me.  The Jericho Drive-In is alwyas playing big movies and when you go to the drive-in you are always getting 2 for the price of one.  The unique thing about the Jericho is that if your not in the mood for a movie you can still go because on the other side of the theater they have one of the best ice cream stands in the area.  At times the line is crazy long but the wait is well worth it.  Monster sized ice cream cones and they even make their own waffle cones in house.  My favorite part about the Jericho's little stand, mini hot dogs.  It's like having a Hot Dog Charlies in my back yard.  Get them with some chili sauce and onions and you are set.  I guess you could say I am a hot dog connoisseur.  If they have some sort of hot dog, I am trying it.  If I have had a hot dog today, then it is a good day.

There are so many spots around the Capital Region that mean spring to certain people.  These are the ones that I can't wait to head to a couple times a week.  What are you're favorite locations?  Let me know by leaving your favorite spring time spots below.  Hopefully I will see you out at one of my favorite places this spring time!