I recently was perusing the interwebs when I ran across this article about chicken wings—more importantly, Buffalo wings—and which NY establishments have the absolute best ones.

I credit this list to onlyinyourstate.com, which, by the fact that I've had wings at almost every one of these places, I will say is, indeed, credible. The Capital Region has some pretty awesome food. Wings are our thing. If not only the Capital Region, I would say that Buffalo wings should be the state food. To the list...


  • The Ruck

I've personally visited The Ruck numerous times. Most of these times I was already hammered. Also most of the time I did not go in for booze. Usually when I enter a bar while drunk on my way there, I want food. The Ruck is the place. Come on, I'm a Troy boy. Dave Chapelle even stopped in last year after he did a show. That speaks volumes for The Ruck.

  • Bombers Burrito Bar

This one here I can't speak much for. Bombers as a whole is, well, bomb. But I always get either tacos or burritos when I go there. When I see a place with a food in its name, I tend to gravitate to that food. I'm going to trust its entry on this list due to the incredible grub I've gotten there in the past. Next stop, Bombers. What will I get? Hot wings.

  • Dinosaur BBQ

Now this one is a bit tricky, I've only been to the one in Troy. Yet again, I'm a Troy boy. I haven't left Dinosaur without a full belly. Everything. The ribs, oh the ribs. Brisket, yea buddy. Wings, just as awesome.

I don't know if I could even begin to rank these. I like food too much. Plus, much like pizza, is it ever bad? I never see anyone take a bite out of a wing and then set it down. All wings matter and I need to get to Bombers. Below is a link to the full list of the best wing places in New York. Opinions?