It's no secret that online shopping has made getting your holiday gifts a whole lot easier in recent years. If you are still waiting for packages to arrive you should be aware of the latest holiday scam going around.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

I'll admit it, most of my holiday shopping this year was done online. I tried to go the traditional route but I just couldn't hang. Mostly it is because I loathe shopping for anything period. So the majority of my trips to retail stores ended up being more of a scouting mission than an actual shopping trip.

If you found yourself in the same boat this year and are still waiting for some of you packages to arrive I just wanted to make you aware of the latest holiday scam going around targeting shoppers in an attempt to steal your credit card and bank info.

People across the country have been receiving emails that apparently look like they are actually from with the subject line: Your order cannot be shipped. Then the body of the email asks you to click on a link to confirm your information.

From my experience shopping on Amazon this should be your first tip off because generally their emails already contain all your order info. Never click the link! Always go to the website directly. If when you click the orders tab it doesn't prompt you to update your info the email was for sure not from

If you do click the link be careful because the landing page looks so good it could totally fool you. The Better Business Bureau says that:

The page wants your full name and address. But worse, it wants your credit card information including your CVV, your three digit security code on the back.

Plus they say the scammers are so good that after you enter your info the next page is the actual page. Another way to check if the email is legit or not is to double check the senders email address more often than not it is a company and not

So if you are diligent and don't click any links or give out any of your info you should be good. Still if you do receive one of these emails Amazon wants to know about it. You can send a report by clicking HERE.