Awe man, food recalls really skeeve me out. Remind me again why ordering take out is bad for you?

Severe Drought Major Factor In Steep Rise In Beef Prices
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Okay the bad news is that Price Chopper is issuing a recall on some ground beef. The good news is that the recall is contained to one Price Chopper location and I'm pretty sure that the cause for the recall isn't fatal. Here are the particulars according to News10 ...

Price Chopper is recalling 80% ground beef that was purchased at the Cobleskill store on Saturday, October 14th due to possible presence of plastic from a spatula that may be contaminating your meat.

Officials say that if you have some of the affected meat you can return it to the store for a full refund. If you are unsure and would like more information on the recall you can call 800-666-7667.

I don't know about you but I think chicken might be on the menu for dinner tonight.

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