It was an extremely busy holiday weekend for fire departments in and around Saratoga County. On Monday, crews from eleven different departments battled a blaze at the Mohawk Terrace apartment complex on Crescent Rd in Halfmoon.

A couple days before that, the Clifton Park Volunteer Fire Department was on the scene of an intensely hot care fire that pretty much devoured the entire vehicle.

Crews were called around 7pm Friday for reports of a car on fire on Route 146 near the entrance to Shenendehowa Central Schools. When they arrived, a vehicle was off to the left shoulder completely engulfed. At one point the flames were so hot it was difficult to see that it was even a car burning.

Route 146 was closed down for a while Friday evening as firefighters worked to get the blaze under control and extinguished, which they did quickly.

What remains is a steel frame of what looks like a minivan or SUV. You can see the entire interior of the car melted off (sans the metal) and the driver's side tire is almost completely gone. It's not known what started the fire, but luckily nobody was hurt.

A tow truck arrived on the scene to take the remains of the vehicle off to the scrap yard, firefighters cleaned up and put the finishing touches on the scene and then took a well deserved rest. The cause of the fire wasn't immediately known.

Also, can anyone tell what kind of car this was?

Intense Heat: Car Catches on Fire at the Entrance to Shenendehowa Campus

It happened on Friday July 1st, crews were called to the scene around 7pm and had to shut down a portion of the busy Route 146 in Clifton Park as they brought the car fire under control. Nobody was injured, but pretty much all that remains is the metal.

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