You've probably heard by now that we've made the switch to 105.7. To celebrate the switch we are giving away $1,000 dollars cash every weekday starting Tuesday, July 2. The way to win? Listen to Free Beer & Hot Wings every morning at 7:30 am for the song of the day.

When you hear that song, be caller 25 to win $1,000. It's that simple to put a grand in your hand, but the only way to win is to listen to Q105.7.

Want an extra advantage? Get the Q105.7 app right now and make sure your alerts are on. You will get a notification when the song is coming up so you will never miss a chance to $1,000 bucks.

We're getting our summer started off right by getting ourselves on a new station that will broadcast Q more loudly and clearly than ever before.

See the official contest rules here.

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