A Capital Region woman is going to be competing on "Wheel of Fortune" this Monday  (Oh- and living out some of my game-show dreams).

Of course I'm going to have to cheer on Melissa Grega or Troy, who the Times Union reported on as an upcoming competitor on Monday.  I also might watch in envy, as I do everyone who competes on the classic television game-shows.  I mean, I grew up watching "Wheel of Fortune", the "Price is Right", and my particular favorite- "Supermarket Sweep" (I still think I'm competing sometimes when I grocery shop).  There's just something so fun about them.

So, here's to hoping Melissa does well!  According to the Times Union, she was able to get a spot on the show after attending a Wheelmobile event in Saratoga.  It's reported that she is hoping to be able to travel and enjoy life with any winnings- something I certainly don't disagree with.  You can read more about Melissa Grega and the show here.