Wow, that game one was fantastic wasn’t it? Absolutely classic! Truth be told, I didn’t see the any of the game on television. But I was listened to every play on the radio while driving back from NH and it made a usual 3 & ½ hour trip fly right by as I was hanging on the edge of my seat the entire game.


If every game of the series goes like that we should be in for a real treat. Unfortunately, I think the Knicks may have blown their wad on that one. And with a banged up Chauncy Billups who is questionable tonight I think the C’s will take tonight’s game without too much stress. I know that Chauncy not being on the court for the late moments of the game hurt the Knicks chances, but damn would I ever be mad if I was a Knick fan after seeing Carmelo Anthony waste all that time just to throw up a bomb like that. I’m glad he’s not a Celtic, and thankfully I shouldn't ever have to worry about that as I don’t think he has what it takes in the mind and the heart to be Celt. Yeah, I'm a Melo-Hater!

I’m taking the C’s and the over tonight as if Chauncy is not in there I see the Knicks defense being even worse that usual. Plus I can’t see Boston blowing so many easy shots or being as hesitant as they were in the first half of game one.

The spread is Celtics -6 with and over/under of 192

Mrozek’s prediction: Boston 107, NY 96