I don’t fully understand the back story to this video but what I gather is the small dude is the Internet troll and he somehow foolishly agreed to fight Deontay Wilder, who is the very boxer he had been trolling on. I can understand wanting a few hundred hits of YouTube fame, but why do it at the cost of having your face punched off by Deontay Wilder? This fight doesn’t even take place in the ring and I kind of respect that. This little dude might be a troll, but he is man enough to say, “Hey, when I get my throat jabbed into my brain and I am knocked out, I want the option to have my face smashed off the hardwood floor.”

Again, I didn’t read too far into the background of the fight. I am just going to enjoy this for what it is: a big man behind the keyboard learning he’s only as tough as his angry font. Although he did attempt to get some solid video by continuing the trash-talk as he ran off. For that, I give him a “J." (I haven’t figured out my grading scale yet.)

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