Jonah Hill might want to work on his betting skills because he doesn't appear to understand the mechanics. The '22 Jump Street' star hit up 'Conan' last night, alongside the other half of the burgeoning franchise's all-star duo, Channing Tatum, to share some very weird and very x-rated tidbits about a bet the pair made quite awhile ago.

Apparently, before '21 Jump Street' hit theaters back in 2012, Hill and Tatum made a bet about how much money the film would make during its first weekend in theaters. Tatum felt lucky -- he thought the film would make over $35 million -- but Hill was convinced the film would just break $30 million.

If Hill was wrong, he'd have to give Tatum a little x-rated affection, which Tatum gleefully shared with Conan O'Brien. There's no word on what Tatum would have done if Hill had won (again, just bad betting skills). Fun fact: the film made over $36 million its first weekend. So what does Hill have to do next? Find out.

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