Apparently Charlie Sheen visited a hotdog joint called The Infield today and decided to make his own special!  The Charlie Dog with "Tiger Blood" #winning!

The guy working at the counter at The Infield said that Charlie ordered a hot dog and started dousing it in hot sauce saying that it needed more "tiger blood," then he proceeded to change their special board to The Charlie Dog with "Tiger Blood" and then underneath that, he wrote #winning.  I told you last night that he's just looking for publicity!  Pompous attention seeker.  And here I am writing about him again.  At any rate, The Infield is deciding to keep the special on their menu for the future;  good publicity for them at least.

The ingredients for The Charlie Dog (probably dinner for tomorrow night):  a poppyseed bun, one jumbo dog, mustard neon relish, tomatoes, pickles, and of course, the tiger blood -- a ton of Sriracha sauce.

Read more and see the picture of the special board that Charlie made here:


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