A black bear has been spotted roaming the neighborhoods of Albany around St. Peter's Hospital. I assume he's looking for a pic-a-nic basket.

This bear has been spotted over the last few days near Exits 23 and 24 off I-90 and several neighborhoods. There's even a Twitter account set up for Albany Police Reform Bear. They claim the bear is in Albany  "to demand New York come out of hibernation and enact meaningful police reform."

Back in March when New York began the "Pause" I wrote a story about bears and other wildlife being bolder this year because there haven't been as many humans out scaring the bears and keeping them in the woods.

Because of social distancing, people working from home and the kids being out of school during the coronavirus there are fewer people moving around the state to scare bears off. The lack of people could make more room for bears in the area to roam

I actually had a mama bear and three cubs wander through my yard last week. Of course, I live in a pretty rural part of Rensselaer County so it's to be expected. IF you see this bear or any wildlife it's really best to stay away and call 911 or animal control. So, take your garbage inside, take your birdfeeder down and try to eliminate all outside "food" that might attract wildlife to your house. If you do see a bear, don't approach it, make noise so it knows you're there and back away slowly while facing the bear. Pretty much if you keep your distance they will do the same.    

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