An obnoxious street party at Rutgers University ended a touch early when cops started to pepper spray students for throwing Frisbees. Hundreds of drunken college kids were doing what stupid drunk college kids do during a block party. They were standing on a roof shirtless, drinking beer, and playing terrible music while “wooing”. The cops stepped in to monitor and prevent it from getting further out of control. Dozens of Frisbees were flying and as a result of failing to comply with a police officer Gina Barretti and a bunch of other students got a face full of pepper spray.

“New Brunswick police say about 200 people climbed rooftops, set furniture on fire and threw bottles during a noisy gathering dubbed ‘Delafest’ on Saturday. An unknown number of people were arrested for assaulting police and disorderly conduct.” -NYDN

Gina Barretti claims she had to eat pepper spray because she refused to put down the Frisbee she had in her hand.

If holding a Frisbee is a new stander for getting maced by a cop then I better start to build up a tolerance. as soon as the weather turns to sandal weather I have a Frisbee in my have about 90% of the time. Now that I know cops are going to pepper spraying people who won’t drop the “B” I need to do one of two things. Either…

1: wear goggles every time I leave the house


2: start taking a shot of pepper spray straight to the face every morning. Soon enough I will be able to build up a tolerance that I can continue the game no matter how pissed the cops get.


PS: Nothing earns you respect and maturity points more then burning a couch in the middle of the street while quoting a comedy central show from 2003.