National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  was on last night.  Will it be on again this week?  Here's your chance to find out.

Here are just some of the highlights you can look forward to for the rest of this week.

Thursday Night

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993) - 5pm on DisneyXD.   Tim Burton envisions this creepy holiday story of the Halloweentown Mayor devising a scheme to kidnap Santa in an effort to take over Christmastown.

"Jack Frost" (1979) - 6pm on ABC Family.  Jack Frost's heart warms up when he meets the one he loves in this classic musical Christmas story.

"Frosty's Winter Wonderland" (1976) - 7pm on ABC Family. - Frosty gets hitched!

"Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" (1970) - 8pm on ABC Family. - In case your kids don’t believe you when you tell them that Santa was once a red-head, or if they ever ask how reindeers can fly, sit down with them tonight and watch as Fred Astaire answers all their questions.

"Elf" (2003) - 9pm on SyFy. Will Ferrell dresses in tights and bids farewell to his claymation pals as he journey's to the real world in search of his biological father, who is anything but jolly.

Friday Night

"Beethoven's Christmas Adventure" (2011) - 6:50pm on Disney.  The loveable St. Bernard puts aside his usual hijinx to help a wayward elf get back on track in search of missing presents in order to save Christmas.

"Four Christmases" (2008) - 8pm on TNT.  A couple getting ready to go somewhere tropical to avoid spending Christmas with their families finds themselves grounded and making the rounds at their relatives' homes for the holiday where nothing seems to go right.

"Dear Santa" (2011) - 8pm on LMN.  A little girl sends a letter to Santa asking for a new wife for her dad for Christmas, she gets her wish when a young woman finds her letter.

"This Christmas" (2007) - 11pm on TBS.  After several years, a family reunites in LA for Christmas with a few surprises popping up here and there.

Saturday Night

"The Polar Express" (2004) - 8pm on Disney. Tom Hanks voices characters on the heart-warming animated story of a boy who learns to believe in Christmas again when the midnight train to the North Pole stops to pick him up for a special meeting with the man in red.

"Jingle All the Way" (1996) - 8pm on ENC.  Christmas Eve is here, and Arnold Schwarzenegger forgets to pick up the one toy every kid wants this holiday season.  Now he has to spend the day in search of the elusive toy and deal with all the headaches that go along with it.

"Fred Claus" (2007) - 8pm on TNT.  Santa recruits his repo-man, older brother Fred to help out in the toy shop this year, which doesn't help calm things down for an already nervous St. Nick.

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989) - 10pm on ABC Family.  The Griswolds return to celebrate the holidays with family, squirrel-infested trees, blinding Christmas lights, dry turkey, and egg nog in this classic Christmas tradition for the whole family.

Don’t forget those 24-hour Christmas movie stations on Hallmark Channel, ABC Family, and Lifetime/LNM!

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