On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they are talking about a fight that broke out at a Chuck E. Cheese's in Parma, Ohio. The fight broke out over a broken photo booth and to my surprise it did not take place in the ball pit. Do they still have those? 


I wonder how many tickets the winner of the fight got? What do you think they spent their tickets on? I think they spent the tickets on tokens for the photo booth.

Back when Chuck E. Cheese's was at the Northway Mall, I used to be scared of the robots in the dining room. I had to wait until they turned off the creepy things to eat my pizza.

I am posting all of these videos about the fight because I want to make sure we hear both sides of the story.

This one time I went to a birthday party at the Northway Mall, Chuck E. Cheese's and the ball pit was closed because some kid pooped in it.

I miss the old Chuck E. Cheese's, eventually I got over my fear of the weird robots, but I lied about it for two more birthday parties so that I could play that Star Wars game they had there, and Gauntlet. But I never went back into the ball pit.

Moral of the story, I can get over my fear of singing robots, but not a poopy ball pit.

Oh.... and don't fight at a Chuck E. Cheese's, it is a place where a kid can be a kid.



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