You know some people may hate this but it actually is quite a good idea for something that this Clifton Park restaurant is doing.

I myself have never been to Peddlers, I know many people though who rave about it. This to me is a positive thing they are doing but really doesn't phase me. Driving intoxicated or even after just 2 drinks is dangerous enough. Having a child in the car is more than just dangerous its flat out wrong. It also teaches them horrible values.

In the article listed on the Times Union, the question arose. Is this legal? When it comes to the law, nothing states cutting someone off at one drink. So with that said nothing that the Clifton Park restaurant is doing is against the law. The only thing stated by law is to cut someone off of they are clearly intoxicated.

What do you think? Does this bother you or do you think this is actually a good thing Peddlers is doing?