I am a coffee snob but unfortunately I can not actively be snobbish because I can't always afford the good coffee, but I still try to be a coffee snob and that is what this episode of Behind the Q is about.

I lied in the video about working at over 7 different coffee shops, I have only worked at 6 but when you are in the presence of the Coffee Wizard and you're just the Frothing Diva you have to stretch the truth a little.

The rumors about my coffee cups are true.

The coffee cup referenced in this video that I used for a year was caked with some strange gunk that seemed to be a combination of a coffee and creamer that stuck to the ceiling of the lid. Everyone thought it was gross but I insisted that it added to the flavor and refused to clean it until my wife found out and forced me to clean it.

Then she got me a new coffee mug and I have not washed it in a year because I want to grow the gunk back but for some reason it does not grow in this cup.

oh well...

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