Stephen Colbert had no choice but to sing his heart out.  The song he had to sing was none other than the viral sensation 'Friday' by Rebecca Black. There is nothing like a friendly bet between friends.   That is exactly what Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert had going on and Fallon came out the big winner.  The bet was that Fallon couldn't raise more than $25,000 for charity so when Fallon did Colbert had to sing the now infamous song 'Friday'.  He didn't just sing it, he made it larger than life.  Dressed in a tuxedo with the Roots crew backing him up Colbert belted out the lyrics like a champ.  He wasn't alone either, Fallon joined him on stage along with American Idol winner Taylor Hicks and the Knicks dance team.. There were pyrotechnics and everything.  I think Colbert made the song even better.  I can only hope it is available on iTunes soon. Partying, Partying, yeah!

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