If you were thinking of throwing some singles down at DiCarlo's Gentleman's Club on Central Ave in Colonie, you'll have to do it this weekend because there's no guarantee they'll be back open after Saturday.

The reason? The strip club was hit with a lawsuit by none other than supermodel and actress Carmen Electra.

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So what's her beef with the strip joint? Well, Steve Barnes at the Times Union reports that she and two other models sued DiCarlo's after the establishment used their likenesses in photos featured on the website.

Apparently one of them showed Carmen dancing on a pole with a quote:

Dating a stripper is like eating a noisy pack of chips in church. Everybody looks down at you in disgust but deep down they want some too.

Electra sued over their use of the photo back in 2020. The gentleman's club lost the lawsuit recently, causing them to lose their insurance carrier. They've been unable to get coverage from anyone else.

DiCarlo's posted on their Facebook page that they are temporarily closing:

After nearly 30 [years] of operation, DiCarlo’s Gentleman’s club will be closing down temporarily at the close of business this Saturday. A few years ago, we made the mistake of using the likeness of a famous actress in one picture on our website. She, and a group of lawyers sued us. We lost the lawsuit and now we find that we can not renew our insurance or find a new carrier for our operation. We are trying to rectify this situation, but for right now we can not operate as an uninsured entity. We will be working on the situation, and upgrading the club in the meantime.
Please come out this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or all three, and support the DC Dolls before they take a forced vacation. We will be giving away pieces of nostalgia and reminiscing all weekend.

DiCarlo's owner Larry Davis has been running the club since 2014, but also indicated to the Times Union that he may be open to selling it.

A re-opening date is unknown at this point.

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