Not exactly a full scale invasion, and possibly not even a UFO but one Colorado man is certain of what he saw.


It never surprises me how crazy some people are.  A man who lives in Lafayette, CO, a town north of Denver believes that he video taped a UFO in the skies on Sunday night.  50 year old Leroy Vandervegt is certain that they were aliens, because there could possibly be no other explanation for blinking red lights in the sky.

I'm not saying that their might not be other life in our universe, but I think this guy probably saw some radio antennas on a clear night.  The federal aviation board even reports that their was no abnormal activity going on in that area.  So this dude runs to video tape this phenomenon, which does get a bunch of hits on youtube , but what else do you expect?  It would be really cool if we did discover a UFO at some point, but most of what these crazies are putting on tape is just nonsense.