A huge fire started at the TCI Industries building in Ghent, NY late Wednesday night. That fire has roads closed, and Columbia county is a mess.


You're probably wondering why firemen aren't attempting to put out this fire. It's because of certain chemicals inside of the TCI building. The hazardous stuff inside has them waiting, and letting the massive fire burn.

Currently, residents of Columbia county are being asked to stay inside for 12 hours or more, and are also being asked to turn off their air conditioners.

TCI Industries is a company that helps to dispose of oil filled electrical equipment in an environmentally friendly way. TCI prides themselves on avoiding spills, so this whole thing is kind of ironic.


This was just posted by the Rensselear Emergency Management Officials.  Anyone who lives or works in the towns of Nassau, Schodack, and Stephentown should seek shelter, and remain there until further notified. If you have any questions you can call 266-7684 or 266-7686.

[Via WRGB]

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