When I heard about the Lucasfilm and Disney merger I had to comment. I am a huge fan. Like Billy Fucillo Huge. I saw the original Star Wars in 1977 at the Vail Mills Drive-in near Broadalbin, when my older sister Kathy, decided to take me because we both shared a love of science fiction. Star Trek was what helped me to bond with my sister and when Star Wars was announced, we had to see it! Now with Lucasfilm being sold to Disney, many people are scared, worried and even upset about the future of Star Wars. I was worried too, till now.In a video George Lucas recorded with Kathleen Kennedy on StarWars.com, George basically laid out his reasons, and Kathleen gave some idea where things were going. George's foremost thought was about the fans and their love of the franchise. The characters and the universe he spent most of his life building. And hearing it straight from George, gives me hope that Star Wars will be around for a long time.

Disney, so far has done right by Marvel Comics fans, me especially. I have been a faithful Marvel Comics fan since I was 10. Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man , etc all have been treated great by Disney, and I feel that they will take good care of George's legacy. If you really think about it, they have theme parks that already have Star Wars attractions. Now that can expand, and grow more. This will allow fans to experience the Star Wars universe even more ways!

One of my friends told me, that a friend of his, who is just as big a fan boy as I am for Star Wars, thinks that Disney will "Jar Jar" the whole thing up. To him I say, no, it won't happen. Disney has a long track record of great stories and movie making. Disney is laying out $4 Billion Dollars for this, they are not just going to throw darts at a board with index cards with random ideas scribbled on them to put together a whole new franchise. They are going into this after having talked with Lucas at length. And not just anyone, but Bob Iger no less. Disney's head honcho, sitting down with George. Disney is serious about this.

Also, Disney is being handed a "very detailed" treatment of the new Star Wars movies they are planning on making, with George being the consultant on them. So they will still be George's stories with the spin of someone's vision of it. If that scares you, it shouldn't. Look at the Empire Strikes Back, considered by many to be the best of the Star Wars movies. It was George's story, with the screenplay by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Irvin Kirschner. It was fantastic! So it's a non issue on those grounds.

The thing that scares me is, how will Disney treat the fans? Lucasfilm was very cool with allowing fans to do their own creative things with the franchise, and not send the 800lbs copyright gorilla to shut those projects down, so long as they didn't violate the overall copyright. Now a days, companies will throw a DMCA take down at you, or even sue you with gusto to protect their IP. This is what I worry about. Look at the Cops TV show spoof, Troops. It was hilarious and I loved it! Ryan vs. Dorkman was also some great special effects fan video that I love to watch to this day. This is what I fear more from the Disney behemoth more than anything. If you alienate the fans, you may as well just sell the franchise off and stick your head in a gas oven and turn it on.

Over all, I have overcome my fear of this change. This will be good for Star Wars. It will be good for the fans. It will ensure the Star Wars universe goes on still gives me hope my oldest daughter will come around and admit she loves Star Wars as much as her Daddy does. So if this scares you, don't let it. This is a good thing. In the mean time,
enjoy the new memes that are coming out.

May The Force Be With You.

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