The news broke that A&E wanted to speak to Kevin Monahan and the people of the Capital Region are livid.

There have been some pretty horrible crimes that have happened in and around the Capital Region. The murder of 20-year-old Kaylin Gillis is one of the most tragic ones, especially given the circumstances surrounding how she died.

To recap, Kaylin and her friends were driving in Upstate New York and accidentally pulled into the wrong driveway. Kevin Monahan, the homeowner came out and opened fire on the car resulting in the death of the young girl.

It is an absolutely tragic and horrible story. Monahan was found guilty back in January and will be in prison for 25 years to life for his crime.

During the trial Monahan said that he didn't mean to shoot the second shot, and that he tripped over a nail on his deck causing the gun to go off. He also said he thought his home was "under siege." The arresting officers said he expressed no remorse for what he had done.

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Washington County Sheriff
Washington County Sheriff

Now, months after the guilty verdict and trial, the A&E network is attempting to interview Monahan for a show about the incident. Why? The easy answer to me is they want to try and get views.

Obviously any television network is going to want views, but this is still so fresh. We know he is guilty. We know, according to neighbors, he was quick to anger and had a short fuse. Personally I don't need or want to hear this man seek sympathy. I don't want or need to hear a now fake apology to the Gillis family or to the families of the other people in that car that night.

Kevin Monahan is in prison. Justice has been served. Kaylin's family is still grieving. four to five months after he's been locked up is far too soon for this and shame on A&E for seeking this out.

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