Comedian Jim Breuer is coming to the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Tuesday October 8th and you can win tickets this weekend from Q1057. If you've never seen him live before, you're missing out. He's hilarious.


You might recognize him from the stoner comedy "Half Baked" or his time on Saturday Night Live, but don't call him "Goat Boy" or ask him to do his "Joe Pesci" impression...he's over those from his past.

One of the reasons I really like Jim Breuer and have watched all his comedy specials is because he jokes about AC/DC, Judas Priest and him being a total metal head. He's a huge rock fan and usually works it into his act. His AC/DC doing the Hokey Pokey is a classic.

If you'd like to go to the show we've got the perfect opportunity for you to get tickets for free! This weekend is a "Win on the App Weekend" on Q1057. Just make sure you've got the Q1057 App downloaded on your smartphone. Then just enter on the app and you might be going to see Goat Breuer. Sorry was a slip up.

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