The Black Crowes planned a 'Shake Your Money Maker' 30th Anniversary Tour for 2020 but with the pandemic, the calendar turned and it has become the 31st anniversary. On Tuesday September 14th we will finally get to celebrate with Chris and Rich Robinson at SPAC. Get your tickets HERE.

Spoiler Alert! here is a preview of what to expect when the band comes to Saratoga. Sunday's show in Hartford, Connecticut marked the 4th performance on the tour and this is how it went down.

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The Black Crowes, consisting of Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson, Sven Pipien on bass, Isaiah Mitchell on lead guitar, Brian Griffin on drums, and Joel Robinow on keys opened the set with "Twice as Hard" and continued to rip through their first album in it's entirety, playing each song true to it's original recording.

Following the "Shake Your Money Maker" set, the band navigated through gems from various albums mainly focused on "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion" album. For the fans of the 'jam band' version of the Black Crowes the highlight of the evening was "Thorn In My Pride" as Rich Robison and Isaiah Mitchell traded leads throughout an extended version of the tune.

  1. Twice as Hard
  2. Jealous Again
  3. Sister Luck
  4. Could I've Been So Blind
  5. Seeing Things
  6. Hard to Handle
  7. Thick N' Thin
  8. She Talks to Angels
  9. Struttin' Blues
  10. Stare it Cold
  11. No Speak No Slave - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  12. Kickin' My Heart Around - By Your Side
  13. My Morning Song - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  14. By Your Side - By Your Side
  15. Wiser Time - Amorica
  16. Thorn in My Pride - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  17. Remedy - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  18. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (but I like it) - Rolling Stones cover

Opening the show was Dirty Honey. This band's catchy riffs and soaring vocals make it well worth it to get to your seat early. The Black Crowes hit the stage at 9pm sharp and play for close to 2 hours.

The Black Crowes Present Shake Your Money Maker

The Black Crowes are celebrating their first album "Shake Your Money Maker" with a tour featuring a performance of the album in it's entirety.

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