A HUGE congrats to Jim, Judah, Mike V., and all of the crew at Kohler Contracting for winning this week's Work Day Distraction!!!  It took a while (or a few days) to finally catch up with these guys and get them their prizes.  The Kohler Contracting crew work hard, in all kinds of weather (including the stretch of super cold days that we've had), to build huge projects like condos and hotels.  I got a little (ok, a lot) lost at my first attempt at finding them, but finally made it.  I got to meet a few guys running the current project going on from Amedore Homes, as well as everyone on site from the Kohler crew.  Jim, Judah, and Mike V. were some of the coolest guys I've met, and I had a blast hanging out with the Kohler Crew.  These guys set a standard for 2018, and hands down it was one of the most fund Work Day Distractions I've done.  Thanks to these guys for working hard, and congrats!

If you want me to crash your work place, and to win a whole bunch of Q103 prizes (including concert tickets this coming week), nominate your work place here!