If you are a fan of Busch products or memorabilia, man you sure will have a hard time beating this. Own a mansion formerly owned by Anheuser Busch.

You are looking at a lot of property here too along with the luster of a past owner. 12,000 plus in square feet of home. On top of that, this is the farm where some of the hops were grown for the making of his beer.

Anheuser Busch Home For Sale In Cooperstown

You obviously are getting more than just a lot of home though. This is a piece of American History. But when it comes to the home you get an amazing kitchen, one of dreams in fact. You also get huge bedrooms, a massive living area, and even a wine room. Although this should probably be a beer room if I am being honest. Also, look at the views!!! Man, those are hard to beat too.

Would you buy it? Well, you need $7,000,000 to make the purchase. Maybe you can haggle the good folks at Keller-Williams down.